1032 четырехкулачковый независимый патрон (79 мм) (под ER-16)

38,334 руб.

Four-jaw chucks have jaws that adjust one at a time. They are used to hold round, square or rectangular work. Since the jaws adjust independently, it is possible to achieve perfect centering of the part with proper adjustment. This process is more time consuming than using a 3-jaw chuck, but it offers the most accuracy. Sherline’s 3.1″ 4-jaw independent chuck is now available with a 22 x 1.5 mm thread for use on ER-16 spindles..

NOTE: The chuck should not be used in applications where spindle speed exceeds 3000 RPM. If purchasing any of these chucks for use on a non-Sherline ER-16 spindle, confirm that the spindle nose thread is 22 x 1.5 mm before purchasing. The Sherline chuck has a collar that is machined flat at the back to seat against the face of the Sherline ER-16 spindle. This may not be compatible with some non-Sherline ER-16 collet adapters or industrial tool holders. Runout accuracy cannot be guaranteed unless used with a Sherline spindle.

Jaw Options

  • For those who have jobs where speed and ease of use are more important than maximum accuracy and want a chuck that is loose right from the start (No extra charge).
    Add the note “loose jaws” to the “comments/shipping instructions” box when checking out.
  • Soft (unhardened) steel jaws are also available upon request (No extra charge).
    Add the note “soft jaws” to the “comments/shipping instructions” box when checking out.
Диаметр патрона 78,74 мм
Наружный диаметр изделия, зажимаемого в обратных кулачках 2 мм – 38 мм
Наружный диаметр изделия, зажимаемого в прямых кулачках 2 мм – 70 мм
Диаметр отверстия в корпусе 17 мм
Параметры нитей 22mm x 1.5mm
Материал корпуса Сталь 12L14
Материал кулачков Закаленная сталь 12L14